Hiking in the Kampina

Hiking in the Kampina


‘De Kampina’, is located between the Brabant towns of Boxtel and Oisterwijk. It is less than 10 kilometers from Camping De Bocht in Oirschot. This is a vast nature reserve that is very popular with both cyclists and walkers. This popularity is due, in part, to the Kampina and its beautiful and varied landscape, which will not bore for a second! Certainly, if you are a true nature lover, you will be kept busy exploring. You can walk for hours between the many fens, babbling brooks and green pastures, not to mention the vast heathlands, which turn purple in late summer. Then, when you are tired of walking, relax on one of the many benches which often offer breathtaking views of the Kampina. Better still, let yourself be pampered at a cozy forest café on the edge of the nature reserve where you can count on the well-known Brabant hospitality! In short, if you like walking through nature, then you will feel at home in the Kampina!

Hiking trails Kampina


The Kampina nature reserve has a lot to offer for hiking enthusiasts, especially in terms of the extensive choice of walking routes. The length of walking routes through the Kampina varies enormously. For example, you can opt for a short Kampina route of just under 3 kilometers (also suitable for wheelchair users and pushchairs), to a beautiful extended route which starts at the NS Station in Oisterwijk, of more than 16 kilometers, suitable for more experienced hikers. In most cases the hiking trails can also be combined with the Kampina. The distance you walk is your choice!

If you think that you have seen everything after a few hours of walking in Kampina nature reserve, you’re completely wrong. Around almost every bend there is something new that is well worth seeing! Before you know it you are face to face with a deer, a Scottish Highlander, Icelandic horse, or even a kingfisher. This richness of flora and fauna makes the Kampina one of the most valuable heathlands in the Netherlands. So if you want to go for some spectacular and memorable walks, book your stay at Camping De Bocht in Oirschot and discover the beauty of the Kampina from there!


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