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Camping at our comfortable campsite in Brabant

Whether you want to enjoy a short holiday on your own, or with the whole family, you are always welcome in Brabant! You are welcome whether you want to camp by bike and a tent, car with caravan, or with a camper. In Brabant, Camping at Camping De Bocht is a pleasure. What could be better than arriving at our charming site and setting up camp on this lovely piece in Brabant? You would struggle to better the experience!

Camping in beautiful Brabant

Of course you want to camp at a campsite which offers all the comforts. Camping De Bocht has of course taken this into account. We make sure that you get all the comforts you need, so that you look back on your stay at De Bocht with pleasure! Our small campsite is set up with this in mind so that each pitch has some privacy provided by trees and bushes to three sides, but with a wide view to the central field area where in the summer a few small tents may be sited and where children can play and adults meet up. Each pitch is equipped with 10 amps of electricity, TV connection, a water tap with drainage and there are 2 masts to provide you with wireless internet. (wifi)

Camping in Brabant

Camping at Camping De Bocht; you will experience really comfortable camping in one of the most beautiful regions of Brabant. Below you will find an overview of our prices for camping in Brabant at Camping De Bocht.
Contact us for more information about our campsite and camping in Brabant: +31 499 – 550 855 . English speaking staff are available to help you, or info@campingdebocht.nl

Tractors & CaravansPrice
Caravan Pitch: car with caravan or camper, 2 persons, wifi, electricity, antenna, water and sewer.€29,50
Comfort pitch with ANWB, CCI or NKC card * Comfort pitch with Campingcard * ACSI or Best deal€23,50
Comfort pitch with Campingcard*ACSI (6 Amp.)€20,00
Comfort pitch with Campingcard*ACSI (10 Amp.)€21,00
Extend half day to 6:00 pm **€12,50
Fast internet per day€2,00
Camping site per persoon€9,90
Electricity on center field for tent€3,50
Trailer on camping site incl. 2 persons, wifi, electricity (6 amp), car on parking, water and drainage on the field€23,50
Extra adult€7,40
Extra child from 3 to 12 years€5,40
Pets (on a leash)€3,50
Visitors per day (registration via intercom mandatory)
- Low season€3,00
- High season€4,00
Visitors for overnight stay excluding tourist tax€8,00
Tourist tax per person per night€1,60

The place is reserved from 1.30pm on the day of arrival until noon on the day of departure.
* Discount cards are only valid outside school holidays.
** Only on request if available.

Price changes reserved.

Camping in Brabant for a longer periodPrice
Comfort pitch: car with caravan or camper, 2 people, wifi, electricity (10 Amp), antenna, water and sewer connection
Easter weekend Fr 10 to Mo 13 April 19.00h.€95,00
Ascension We 20 to Mo 25 May 12.00h.€140,00
Pentecost Fr 29 May Tu to 2 June 12.00h.€110,00
Ascension until Pentecost Fr 20 May to Tu 2 June 12.00h.€345,00
Comfort pitch: car with caravan or camper, 2 people, wifi, antenna, water and sewer connection
- January, February or March€295,00
- April€345,00
- May*€625,00
- June* (starting 2nd of June)€545,00
- July*€850,00
- August*€850,00
- September€375,00
- October, November or December€295,00
Pets maximum 1 per place, per month€15,00
Electricity up to 10 amperes per kWh.€0,50
Tourist tax per person per night€1,60

The place is reserved from 1.30pm on the day of arrival until noon on the day of departure.
* In these months 50 kWh electricity is included in the price.

Price changes reserved.

Book now at Camping De Bocht

Do you want to book online? You can book camping spaces, chalets, seasonal places and mobile homes easy and fast. Use our reservation form below to make a booking at Camping De Bocht. Can't make a reservation or do you have some additional questions? Contact us by calling +31 499 - 550 855










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